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In-field inspections form the core of the IAEA’s nuclear verification activities, and equipping inspectors with the appropriate tools is key to effective nuclear safeguards. Over a hundred types of equipment are used by IAEA inspectors to verify the form, isotopic composition and quantity of nuclear material.

In three separate speaking engagements at the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), which was held in Africa for the first time, Director General Yukiya Amano highlighted the work of the IAEA in making nuclear technology available for development.

CSA, N285.0 – General requirements for pressure-retaining systems and components in CANDU nuclear power plants (Amendment) is open for consultation until October 8, 2016.

The IAEA is actively supporting the efforts of the government of Benin to establish the country’s first radiotherapy centre, Director General Yukiya Amano told Beninese officials during his visit to Cotonou and Porto Novo from 23 to 25 August.