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About Us


Mission Statement

To be the leading radiation safety advocacy group and source of communication for the industrial radiography industry. This is achieved by promoting a strong radiation safety culture, member support, radiation safety awareness, providing direction and fostering cooperative working relationships with regulatory bodies, while at the same time, maintaining a common voice for the industry.

Executive Positions

The Association’s Executive Committee shall comprise a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Communication, Past President and three Association Executive Committee Members.

The Executive Committee shall manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association, including any monies, property and business affairs.

  • President – Matthew Sargent (A-Tech NDT)
  • Vice President – Dave Pimm (20/20 NDT Inc.)
  • Treasurer – Ben Bizzarri (GB Contract Inspection Ltd.)
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Director of Communication – Vacant
  • Associate – Allan Brady (Team Industrial Services Canada)
  • Associate – Robert Muschket (IRSS)
  • Associate – Andrew Taylor (Gamma Spec NDT)
  • Associate – Doug Hanna (SGS Montreal)
  • Past President – Patricia MacNeil (A-Tech NDT)

The Association exists primarily to:

Promote the exchange of information on health, safety, environment, and related topics between Industrial Radiography Companies, CIRSA members and allied industries.

Promote uniform approaches to safety and issues in Industrial Radiography and allied industries.

Provide representation to government bodies for the Industrial Radiography industry and to conduct itself in agreement with the Association’s Mission Statement.

CIRSA History

CIRSA continued to strive to communicate its existence, gain credibility and membership across Canada. This has been a challenge at times, given the industry regional disparities between Eastern and Western Canada. It has been a steady advocate for the industry and working hard to achieve recognition with both the industry and regulatory bodies such as the CNSC.

Letters sent out annually, to all licensees by mail as well as posted on the CIRSA website. The letter informs recipients of the website and promotes membership and benefits of joining CIRSA.

CIRSA posts all received Radiation Safety Alerts on the public side of the website.

CIRSA promotes continuous dialogue and promotion of radiation safety and culture to all members and non-members.

Articles  written by CIRSA Executives and published in industry trade journals/magazines. (CINDE Journal etc).

Participated in specific targeted trade shows/conferences as well as inviting non-members/public to open sessions of annual meetings and workshops.

CIRSA has implemented technical improvements to the website including increasing hits on the site for the general public/non-members typing in radiation safety, CIRSA, RT safety, Industrial Radiography, Gamma safety etc.

CIRSA has sent out a communication to all CIRSA members requesting their interpretation/ideas of a safety culture.

One of the main events that we are involved in is the Industrial Radiography Focus Group.

It was requested and put together by the CNSC/DNSR as a result of 2007/2008 information meetings that CIRSA was involved in, and a subsequent CNSC commissioners meeting that Industry reps including CIRSA executive attended.

This is a massive step forward for CIRSA, the CNSC and industry in addressing some of the issues and concerns. It is also precedence setting for the CNSC/Industry and it’s success could prove to be beneficial to other industries and regulatory bodies.

It has also allowed for recognition of CIRSA as an industry trade association by CNSC.


CIRSA Advocating For You