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Becoming a Member:

The Association exists primarily to: 

Promote the exchange of information on health, safety, environment, and related topics between Industrial Radiography Companies, CIRSA members and allied industries.

Promote uniform approaches to safety and issues in Industrial Radiography and allied industries.

Provide representation to government bodies for the Industrial Radiography industry and to conduct itself in agreement with the Association’s Mission Statement.

How to become a member:

  1. Printable Membership Application– E-mail completed document to, or mail to address listed on this form

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Membership Available for:


Corporations which are licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to provide Industrial Radiography services are eligible for membership of the Association. Active members may vote in the annual quorum, and enjoy all benefits and privileges.


Individuals who are employed in the Industrial Radiography industry are eligible for membership of the Association. Other individuals active in the Industrial Radiography field and other allied industries may apply for membership, which will be granted provided this does not compromise the objectives of the Association. Except for the restriction of voting privileges provided for in this Constitution and By-laws, they may enjoy all benefits and privileges of the Association


CIRSA Advantage

Join CIRSA and take advantage of the benefits and resources designed to guide you and help you advance on the Journey to Radiation Safety Excellence.

CIRSA provides a network system to its members whereby professional assistance may be requested by an individual, organization, or on a personal basis. Members needing assistance may contact CIRSA with a specific request and CIRSA, through its membership and other professional resources, will try to link the requestor with a person, organization or resource which may be of assistance.

CIRSA provides all members with a membership certificate for display on their office wall.

Bulletins containing information and articles that will assist you in radiation safety program.

Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s radiation safety performance

Learn how to identify and close program gaps and build the safety capabilities you need​

Find better ways to manage your improvement and measure your progress​

Bring strength through numbers when dealing with regulatory issues

Social networking opportunities that help establish online safety-related communities and discussions

The CIRSA website is a comprehensive resource for every CIRSA member, which includes a special CIRSA Members Area specially tailored to CIRSA members’ needs, including downloads of forms, past bulletins, articles and an assortment of presentations. Many additional features are in the works

In addition, you will be able to interface with other safety-conscious people from other companies that can give you new ideas for improving radiation safety.

There is also always an opportunity to become more involved with CIRSA by becoming an Executive Board member. Click here for more information on the positions available on the Executive Board!